About company

Meditools s.r.o. is a family company founded in 1999 and specialized mainly in distribution of medical equipment for human and veterinary medicine. Important part of the turn-over is made by sale of surgical instruments, implants, instruments for ordinary diagnostics, high-frequency coagulators, sterilizers, examination lights, surgical lights for smaller practices, operating tables for veterinary practices, expendable supplies etc. Thanks to cooperation with many producers and suppliers the company is able to deliver per order also items which are not listed in catalogue of goods. Within duration of operation on the market the company won many customers not just in humane medicine and beauty salons but mainly in ranks of veterinarians whom the company attend longest.

Among others the company provides instrumentarium servicing, e.g. scissors sharpening, repairs of stainless steel instruments such as broken needle holders, replacement of tungsten carbide plates in its jaws, repairs of crushed carbide inserts in wire cutter pliers, etc.

At the present time Meditools cooperates with more than 80 manufacturers and distributors of medical facilities from both Czech Republic and abroad. From this implies really wide range of goods which is the company able to offer to the customers. Sales assortment forms for example surgical instruments, needle holders, peans, reposition forceps, implants, bone screws, surgical suture needles, surgical fibres, electrosurgery coagulators, biostimulative lasers, scalers for tartar removal including service, veterinary dental drills, dental burrs and grinders, dental hand tools, injection needles, injection syringes, intravenous cannulas, knitted bandages and sterile non-woven swabs, microscopes, otoscopes, ophthalmoscopes, laryngoscopes, endoscopes, sonographs, X-ray units, X-ray films, X-ray protective aids, diagnostic lamps, steam autoclaves and hot air sterilizators, veterinary anaesthetic machines and operating tables for vets, equipment for surgeries and other.

Most of employees of the company have years of experience with the sale of mentioned goods and individual approach to the customer is obvious. On our visits to the doctor´s surgeries and also on exhibitions and special seminar meetings it is possible for a customer not only to see some of the goods but handle it as well which is a good thing for example while buying surgical instruments when the customer is interested in its properties such as flexibility, quality of the processing etc.

In case of interest please don´t hesitate to contact us.